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One handed keyboards

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Matias has one of these at:

But holy crap, it's $149!!!  

I may need one of these for one to two months because I am going in for "Carpal Tunnel Release" surgery.  Pretty simple stuff, but painful enough for a Vicodin prescription (yeah!).

Sounds like they cut open your wrist and slice the smaller tendon in two, opening up the carpal tunnel (everyone has a carpal tunnel, one in each wrist, but not everyone has the "syndrome") and giving the nerve that runs through it more room to do what nerves do.

There's also the frogpad which is very similar:

Although if you're going to go for the mac version it's no cheaper, although it looks like it's wireless.

I'll stumble one-handed over my Matias TP2 for the duration of recovery.

I am more worried about maintaining my schedule at work, so I am looking for a one-handed solution to my Thinkpad T60, rather than the iMac.

Thanks I'll check out that Frogpad.

Ouch.  That's priced and designed for someone with one hand, not someone with a hand that's out of commission for a month.  =-D  Good find, but I am going to pass.  Totally relearning the keyboard would take about as long as my recovery.  

I had considered taking the full "Frogpad Leap!"   Get one for the Mac, one for the Thinkpad, and sell out.  =-D  That's the kind of committment this product needs.

I think I'll have a look at this for now:

Or something like it...there are alot of resources out there, not all of them looking to make a buck.


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