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I like tho sound of the Advantage.  If the Freestyle uses the same switches, I would be interested.
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I like the sound of the Advantage too. It exactly reminds me of the sound that the keyboard on the old Commodore PET used to make.... (for a reminder, have a listen to this vid from 2:12 to 2:21)

I tried a Kinesis freestyle, but ended up returning it.

The adjustability is kinda cool, but I could never get it to be as comfortable as the MS natural elite. It has pretty good switches for being membrane.. better than the MS Natural Elite I'd say, but each half is like a half of a flat keyboard. No curve.

I've gotten used to the Alt being between X and C on my ms natural elite, and I've sort of found that it's very hard for me to move to any other kind of keyboard.

I've just found a pretty good 'real world' review of the Kinesis Advantage:

Order a Kinesis Freestyle and is going to return it. The idea is quite good, however the feeling of the key is just horrible (soft, smooshy, especially worse on the space bar).

Plus the V3 adjustment only give 5/15/25 degree angle, even 5 is a bit too much for me.


--- Quote from: alexlzl;12665 ---Plus the V3 adjustment only give 5/15/25 degree angle, even 5 is a bit too much for me.
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FWIW (not much since you dislike the feel), the V3 bits are removable.

I just got my Kinesis Freestyle Tuesday night and worked on it all day Wednesday. Key feel is relative -- the Freestyle is no Model M, but it feels like heaven compared to the last ergonomic keyboard I'd tried: the Comfort Keyboard Original. The Comfort Keyboard's adjustment mechanism is a marvel, but to find keys with worse feel I have to go all the way back to the Commodore PET. The spacebar felt like it was falling off, and the others had jello-like actuation that would register two out of three keypresses.

The Freestyle reminded me of my old Fujitsu clicky keyboard, but even lighter. It's like a long-stroke notebook keyboard.


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