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Split Ergonomic Layout with Blue Cherries

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I should beg Kinesis to use their supply of brown switches on their Freestyle keyboards.
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Totally, I recently just returned a freestyle because of the terrible membrane keys it uses. My RSI needs a split keyboard, looks like I have to settle for the Goldtouch for a while

Here is the e-mail I just sent to Kinesis:

--- Quote ---Are there any plans to equip the Freestyle with mechanical Cherry key switches (particularly the brown/tea axis) in the future?  I tried a friends Freestyle, and it was a great keyboard, but I did not like the rubber dome key switches that are currently used in the keyboard.  Having the Cherry key switches would make the Freestyle an instant buy.  Thanks!

-[Itln Stln]
For more information on quality keyboards, please visit:
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--- Quote from: itlnstln;7735 ---I wrote an e-mail to DSI to se if they were going to carry an ergonomic keyboard with Cherry switches.  Apparently, they would not be carrying a pre-made one, and said they would OEM one.  While I don't know any details, would anyone here be interested in one?  I would like to try to get a rough head count before I talk to him again on Monday.  Thanks.
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Did anything ever happen with your inquiry to DSI? FWIW, you could add one to the 'head count' for me, although as this is a resurrected thread I'm sure it's too late to make any difference. But I would be willing to buy pretty much any split board with Cherry switches, for any reasonable price. To clarify, did this mail from DSI mean that if you got a sufficient headcount they would be willing to make the board for you custom as an OEM? Any idea what kind of headcount they would need?


--- Quote from: itlnstln;13454 ---Cherry made the Ergo Plus (with brown Cherries), but they are hard to find, especially in a US layout, and very expensive (about $500).  You might ask nicely to some of our members in Germany as they can get EU layout versions pretty cheap and they can ship it to.  I would like to try one myself, but I think I might go nuts with the EU layout.
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I would be willing to try a foreign layout if I could get one on the cheap, but I've never seen them listed on ebay or anything, so I assumed they were rare even in Germany. Do you know of any particular German geekhackers who would be willing to help out on something like this?

No one ever asked to be part of the head count.  I think DSI was looking to do a major manufacturing job as I responded to them that it might be a run of no more than 100 'boards, and they never responded back. :)

Anyway, here is the response I received back from Kinesis:

--- Quote ---Hi [Itln],
No, we do not have any plans to change the switches on the Freestyle keyboard. I will, however, pass your suggestions along. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a better answer.
Have a great day!

Kinesis Corporation Sales
800-454-6374 ext 1
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