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Goldtouch Ergo.

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Just won one on ebay.
Will write a review once it gets here (in the week I hope)
Anyone got one of these or tried it?
I read that its rubber dome with tactile feedback, so a spring?
Looks pretty good anyway.

MicroCenter has them on sale right now (Mac version). Let us know how it feels.

I have used Goldtouch for almost four years, starting with the old PS/2 model with good layout (Home/End/PageUp/PagDown on the left side). Overall I love this keyboard a lot since it soothed my RSI. However the rubber dome switch doesn't feel very well (I don't feel tactile, but still better than other keyboards), after couple years of using, the wrist/finger pain came back recently. Guess I become too picky now.

Too bad there is so few ergo keyboards with mechanic switch, wish Japanese vendors can make one some day.

alexlzl, the μTRON has Topre capacitive switches:

Thanks for the tip. Wow! that is a weird layout. The spacebar is way too small, and they re-arranged so many keys (like {, }, backspace). Also, 55K Yen! :confused: That is more than twice of HHKB Pro or Realforce!


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