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One of the hardest things to find is an ergonomic/mechanical switch keyboard.    I have been looking all over and the only ones that I know of are the ones that kinesis makes which has brown cherry switches, the cherry ergoplus which can no longer be bought brand new, and the northgate omnikey.  

I was wondering about what key switches this  Comport Keyboard's description is: Key Switches: Conductive elastomer rubber designed for 60 million cycles

I tried researching conductive elastomer rubber switches but couldn't find much info on it.

Anybody ever try this keyboard or know about that particular switch?  It's specs/description can be found here

Sounds like a fancy way of saying rubber dome to me.  I do remember seeing rubber domes being called "conductive rubber" before.

The comfort uses a membrane switch that also incorporates a mechanical setup affixed to the bottom of the key, giving it a "clicky" feel. Specs for comfort boards here

Hope that Helps

Ms Keyboard

Conductive rubber usually is like the chiclet key switch. The rubber dome contains a small piece of conductive rubber that is pressed on a pcb instead of a membrane and connects the circuit paths there.

I used to have one of these and it has a horribly mushy feel.


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