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Using fleece fabric as sound dampening material


So I realised that using fleece fabric instead of case foam makes a keyboard sound a lot deeper which I like, I've done this in an old build cause the case foam was very light and probably not doing anything, and I just replaced the case foam in my Keychron Q10 with pieces of the same fleece fabric that were laying around.
I really like the sound and it's a pretty nice inexpensive mod, though I have one concern. Would there be any issues concerning static electricity? It'd be a bummer to both not be able to use this since it gives such a nicer sound to my board and also that I really don't wanna fry it with some dumb mod.
My knowledge on the subject is basically nonexistent so I'm hoping for someone who knows about this to clear things up if they can.
I did use that old board for a while and it's still good, though I do wonder if there would be differences between plastic and metal cases.

Usually I use what is called "shelf liner" in the US, but sometimes cotton felt fabric seems better.

I lay flat sheets where I can, and when I need to fill voids I cut strips at the width of the cavity and sufficiently long so that when rolled into a cylinder it is deep enough to fill the space.


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