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[IC] Camo Key caps?

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Just wondering if this has ever been done before? If so my apologies...

Any of those flavors of key caps ? Also where would you prefer them on the keyboard? FN row? ESC? Any ideas?

Update: So these are the camo's which are available, matching up to the Filco case would be nice, but not currently possible unless it matches one of the patterns. I added some more patterns, I am currently just looking at opinions, so give me yours :D I will take this further soon :D

Right large problem, its going to cost 65 for a set of 33 keys :3 not including the actual keys so probably 100ish which is more like $150 sorry for getting anyone hopes up

Consider me interested, I have no idea what keys I would want them for, but I like the Idea.

Can they be produced at all (like a full set, not only small amount), and with a font?

If you look in Clack's Vendor forum, he has a WASD cluster that has a camo pattern.

Interested.. would be awesome if you could get something to match the filco camo. These would be the perfect keycaps for the board.

Personally I think they would look awesome blank - IE Camouflage the keys into the board - no markings.


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