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[IC] Stainless steel whiskey stones

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Well, I just had epiphany. Why not make some custom whiskey stones? I've seen the ones made of soap stone, but I've heard they just chill the drink, not make it cold. I've also see the stainless ones, but they are too much for what they are. So it dawned on me, laser cut some. As far as I know, 304 stainless is food grade so......

The only constraint is that the laser guy can only cut 1/2" thick stainless. So we could do 1/2"x1/2"x1/2" or do something custom like 1"x1/2"x1/2"..... So is anyone interested?

I don't know the prices or shipping.

Hell yes I'm interested.  I have the soapstone ones right now.  They're legit, but like you said...they don't really make the drink cold.

If AKIMBRO wants them, then that's good enough for me

I'll send out a quote for some on Tuesday. Any thoughts on sizes (keep in mind the 1/2" restriction). Another thing to think of is with thicker material the laser leaves serrations so they would need to be sanded out. So I'd have a buy at GB prices or wait a bit and have me finish them.

Yes, yes I am!

If Halvbro wants them, then that's good enough for me

For reals, about what size do we want these? This isn't really and IC check because I'm getting them regardless, you guys are just along for the ride. I'm not quite sure these case be cubes, but I'll ask during the quote


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