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Well when I was designing my metal GH60 case, I kept wood working in mind. So would there be interest in a wood GH60 case in this same design?

What price would you consider fair? More or less than a metal case? Also, keep in mind I don't have a CNC router, so this would be hand made.

Right now, my bare bones setup cost would be around $100-$150 (special router bit, drill bit and tap, materials to make templates) without any of my time included. Plus not to mention I could see each of these cases take 10+ hours to produce/finish

I'm sure it would be amazing, based on your prior stuff.


--- Quote from: metalliqaz on Sun, 17 March 2013, 22:11:08 ---I'm sure it would be amazing, based on your prior stuff.

--- End quote ---

Yea, I hope so too, but I'd really like to gauge interest. I don't want to stick $200 into aluminum templates only to sell one or two cases.

I'll buy one from you. I would love to have a wooden cased keyboard. Especially one with a top cover for WKL or HHKB.

I would buy one for a Phantom, also.

Hard. Wood.


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