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SecureID anyone?


I was issued a new SecureID at work today, they tell me the new one works great and that I can just throw the old one away so...once I verify that the new one works great, I'll be dismantling the old one and posting pics.  =-D

I'm sure it will be incredibly unremarkable.

Note the maintainer of neither supports, sells, nor recommends SecureID products...this is just me having some fun.

Some two-factor authentication vendors (RSA) require you to replace your tokens on a scheduled basis, and charge you accordingly.  

Others never require you to issue new tokens and even provide lifetime guarantees on them.  ;)

Like who, pray tell?  =-D


--- Quote from: ashort;4955 ---Like who, pray tell?  =-D
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I'll let you figure that out for yourself.



--- Quote from: iMav;5035 ---I'll let you figure that out for yourself.
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