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Stallman the wack job



I love free software as much as the next guy, but...

I think it is a shame that Stallman's exposure to this world is primarily through free software.  His views of software are only an extension of his larger world view, which includes community ownership of everything.  His views on free software are expressed only in the microcosm of software, not in the larger arena where it belongs, which is intellectual property.

He sidetracks even himself.  Allowing his narrow view of free software to funnel into the personal lives of Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation.  How can he possibly be an expert programmer, expert econonomist, expert on free software, expert on intellectual property, and an expert on charity work as well as the intentions of the Gates?

I am no champion of Windows/Microsoft/Gates, Stallman may have helped start a great thing in the GPL.  Everything since smacks of him profiteering from that initial success.

Well lets take look at the article

The top of the article makes the premise that its not
Gates or Microsoft but the unethical system of restrictions
that are imposed on its customers.

Just what is this unethical system of restrictions?

He mentions the anti-competitive behaviour that they were
convicted of on 3 occasions. But what large Fortune 500 company
does not engage in anti-competive behaviour? They all do, really. Its just that Microsoft is in the sights right now, prior to them it was IBM and Ma Bell, to name a few.

He also mentions the Microsoft tax which really cannot be argued against. I don't buy pre-built machines so it does not effect me. But I could see where people would have a problem with this. I would be chapped if I had to pay for a licsense that I did not want. This clearly should be addressed.

And strike 3 is DRM. Which seems to have features that stop you from accessing your files. Whatever, none of this actually effects me since I simply do not purchase, or knowingly purchase
content that is DRM'd. If you take issue with DRM, then DO NOT purchase content that has it. This is all a 2 way street. The content has no value if I do not purchase it. If DRM is such a beast then eventually the content providors will realize the error of their ways and make changes as needed. I think the market place will decide properly on this one.

The next item mentions gratuitous incompatibilities with other
software. MS can get hanged on this one. I think its safe to say that they have gone out of their way make things difficult for all non-ms software. But this is an inter-operability issue with overtones of anti-competitve behaviour. This too could and should be fixed.

He goes on to say that users of MS software can't share or change the software. Well, that is the licensing agreement that you willing signed on too. If it is such a burden and so restrictive then DO NOT use the software. Make the effort to use an opensource solution, and if one does not exist then write your own. If that is not practical, then pay someone to do it for you. And if that is not practical then you really have to weigh the importance of said software and make the hard choice to go without or purchase the proprietary solution.
An inconvenience to you does not give you the right to then just steal the software.

Stallman has this passion for software, if it is part of is world view where all things are free and unecumbered then that is his personal philosophy. Its a free country, and its his choice. We all don't have to agree with it.

I can agree with him on some things,but not all,there is a place for proprietary software. We should have the freedom to choose. And whatever we do choose, should inter-operate well with all other systems. Thats not so hard, is it?

On a side note, Stallman has the same passion on software that we here at geekhack have about keyboards. And while we can look at Stallman and poke fun at his positions, remember that likewise can be done to us.

Well, its back to my linux box. Its all free, all unencumbered and unrestricted. Can you say the same about your OS?



ps: please feel free to comment, and correct me where I am mistaken.

MS has been no burden on me.  Just because it comes with WMP and IE doesn't mean I use them.  I "nlite'd" them out of my XP SP2 disc.  MPC + foobar2000 ftw!  :D

It looks like Slashdot has picked up on this also. Poor choice of words in my opinion.

and this too,0,4205044,full.story


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