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Thinking of redoing my desk

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My quest for a minimalist lifestyle coupled with my love of all things Asian has led me to want to so this sort of a set up.

I think it would be the best and most productive way to work on my writing. About a week ago, I striped my desk of everything except my MacBook on an iCurve, HHKB Pro 2 and Razer Copperhead, speakers, pen cup and stapler. Since then, I have been a lot happier and my writing has also improved.

This has inspired me to get rid of everything else I don't use on a regular basis. So what do you guys think? Could you work on a small low table (tsukue in Japanese) with only the barest of essential work items?

Man, I would need at least a chair and a desk. Sitting on the floor for hours would kill me.

I love sitting on pillows on the floor. You'd get used to it after a while.

Back when I used to work for a living, I could get by with just a serial terminal (and did for a couple of days one time).  I even spent a couple of weeks after a blown power supply episode with only a serial terminal and external modem at home.  (my internet usage at that time consisted of a text-based email client (PINE, which I still use off and on today), searching public FTP sites with archie, usenet participation, and IRC.)

I would still need a chair for my back.The pillow sounds nice but I would tend to hunch over to get to the keyboard. It would not take long for pain to set in for me.


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