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What video games are you currently playing?

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Play Avery:
Just got my PS5 for a month but only been playing PS4 titles except for FIFA21  :p

I play a lot of Destiny 2 and of course, dropping into Verdansk every once in awhile  :))


--- Quote from: Play Avery on Sat, 31 July 2021, 22:41:47 ---Just got my PS5 for a month but only been playing PS4 titles except for FIFA21  :p

--- End quote ---

Honestly, if I were to get a console other than my Switch, it would be a PS5. I have a PC, so all of the exclusives I would want from Xbox are already available to me, and I have a Switch for the Nintendo titles. I don't have a lot of games I would get for the console, honestly, but I would definitely use it for Bloodborne, God of War, Demon's Souls, and the new Sackboy game (I know it's not the greatest, but hey, it's a new 3D platformer from a AAA publisher other than Nintendo in today's market, which is great, and they included music from one of my favorite bands, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. I'm kinda obligated to play it lol). There's a few more I can't think of at the moment, but those are the main ones.

Currently, though, I'm trying to focus on a move and finally finishing up Monster Hunter: World. Need those Fatalis and AT Velkhana sets added to my arsenal before I consider myself done with that game, and that's not counting that I want every layered armor.

Anyone tried Intravenous yet?

Looks good, but I dont know if its gonna keep me in for a longer than few minutes...

Like a lot of people Cyberpunk, and i'm doing Rise of the tomb raider again. Lot of love to kerbal too.


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