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[GB] Titan65 // 65% Burger Mount
« on: Thu, 25 March 2021, 10:17:36 »
TITAN65 Vendor Group Buy, Design by Phase Studio

Hey guys, we finally made it to GB!

If you're seeing this project for the first time, we are two designers in Toronto, Canada.

The name Titan comes from one of Saturns moons.
With this design, we wanted to try and get away from the straight cut sides.

The Titan65 has features such as RGB backlighting with the hotswap option, or more layout options with the solderable PCB option. The board will be sold by 4 vendors. Deskhero for Canada, Kono for the US, CandyKeys for the EU and iLumkb for Asia.

Alexotos checked out the board, you can see his thoughts on it below, as well as a sound test. I have my own sound tests posted, but I'm not as talented with microphone settings.

Geekhack Interest Check Thread

  • May 26 - Vendors getting in contact with manufacturers this week for everything except PCBs. Held up by COVID for PCBs.
  • May 11 - Some other prototypes ordered to check one last thing. All units will be ordered after that.   
  • May 4 - Preparing to order boards from the manufacturer. Ironing out some details.   
  • April 26th - Group buy will be closing on the 30th!
  • April 8th - Plate files available by the end of the month on the discord. Will have multiple variants.
  • April 2nd - All vendors live, MOQ on cases reached!
  • April 1st - Group Buy Live, little bit delayed for some vendors

Sound Tests so far:

Titan65 Info



GB Date
April 1st - April 30th

GB Style
Unlimited, 24hr sale, one-month full price

Canada -
America -
Europe - CandyKeys

Aluminum Kit
$334 USD + Shipping (Rest of month)

Brass Base Kit
$379 + Shipping(rest of month)

Typing Angle

Alu or Brass
1.35kg (2.97lbs) / 2.35kg (5.18lbs)

Colour Options
White, Black

Other colour options unfortunately cancelled due to an increase in material, labour and pool cost.

Case Material

Mounting Style
Top Mount, Isolated

Plate Options
Alu (Hotswap or Soldered option)

PCB Mounted Stabs
5 Pin Switches
Per-Key RGB (RGB only on Hotswap)
Unified C3 Daughterboard

Kit will include:
  • Case
  • Plate (Hotswap/Soldered)
  • Base (Brass/Alu)
  • Silicone Strips
  • M2 and M3 Screws w/ Allen Keys
  • PCB (Hotswap/Soldered)
  • Unified C3 Daughterboard

Final Colours for GB, Only Black + White

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