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I just started using Hinge on a coworker's suggestion. Last time I tried was on Tinder over 5 years ago, and I deleted my profile after 2 weeks of pure ****show.

Anyone else in their 20-30s use these things successfully for more than just hookups and finding local 'workers?'
Is it even possible to date normally anymore?  :confused:

This forum is probably the worst place to ask, but at least I know I'll get some answers from people likely equally as dating defunct as I am  :thumb:


The one I tried was Plenty of Fish, that was 8-9yrs ago, and that's how I met my wife - one of the rare instances where it worked out for someone.  There is a ton of trash on dating apps and gets tiring sifting through it.

I've had decent results with Tinder tbh.


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The main hurdle isn't the initial ramp up, it's maintaining interest.


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