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NZ Caps Darling Bonehead Aluminium Keycaps



Introducing our new Darling Bonehead 1u + 2u artisan set: a deadly cute keycap set for your keyboard!

Made from high-quality anodized aluminum and meticulously CNC milled, these keycaps offer a premium feel that will elevate your typing experience. We know how important it is to have a keycap that not only looks great but also feels fantastic under your fingertips, and the Darling keycaps deliver on both fronts.

These keycaps are compatible with most mechanical keyboards and come with standard Cherry MX stems, so you can easily swap out your existing keycaps and give your keyboard a cute and spooky upgrade.

The best part is that these keys are in stock and ready to ship!

These cute caps are $60 for the pair.

$30 for the 1u
$35 for the 2u

Thanks for the support!

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