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Airlines do not allow carry-ons any more?


I'm going on a trip and I had to read this line over about 4x because my brain couldn't process what I was seeing.

Now they no longer allow any carry-on luggage that does not fit under the seat? You are no longer allowed to bring anything that goes in the overhead compartment? You know, like clothes, and toiletries, and all the things that could never in a million years fit under the seat. You have to pay a $35 fee to check those now, and the overhead compartments are left empty.

It just seems like such a scam, because 100% of people will be bringing luggage and need to pay that extra fee for a single bag. The checked bags go under the plane, so it saves zero weight, all it does is add an extra charge and inconvenience everyone to wait for their luggage at the corral.

If 100% of people will be using the service, and the overhead compartments already exist, and the luggage is going on the same plane, how is this considered legal? It's like serving a steak, and charging for the cutlery.


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