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Pyramid Generator. [Aliens]

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It' seems exceptionally credible that the Egyptians had at least electrical lighting from the various pyramid documentaries.

But behind this is a bigger confusion as to WHY BOTHER.  It was likely some sort of advanced-Aliens contamination event. 

Some alien ship crashed, the Aliens survived, and their AI block remained intact.

The ship was damaged badly enough that the living aliens could not repair it, and they could not call home. The distance traversed required working Jump-Tech, and a call home would require immense signal power to cover such a distance.

The only way this was possible, was to harness the local lifeforms to construct pre-Civilization, then generate dat 1.21 jigawattz they needed.

Once they built the pyramids, likely a generator/ signal amplifier /rescue beacon,  they made The Call.

But they've been stuck on earth for a LONG TIME, at least a couple thousand years.

Some of the Alien-guys thought, well, I could go back to Alien-Planet where I'm kind of just middle management, or I could stay here and play civilizations.

The alien-babes weren't that Hot anyway, and advanced civs probably had extremely complex marriage/mating rituals where it became an unpleasant resource exchange situation.

So, the cognitively-normal Aliens left, the more Autist-afflicted of the aliens decided to stay to play Monkey Civ.

The pyramids just does not make sense, It's far too complex to be a "just" a tomb. Even if you were a total boar's head of a human, spending that much resources to build something so useless as a tomb, out of all the possibilities at your command is unthinkable.

The ancient egyptian leaders, IF HUMAN, would've been among the only educated peoples, with education, you couldn't possibly be THAT idiotic/ myopic.    The resource cost of these "Tombs" would've been equal to that of raising Several armys / cities.  It's just too impractical for humans.  So it either had to be aliens, or at the very least there must've been another purpose other than to Enshrine.. (Electrical generator)

The AI block was likely left to rot, it of course had its own will to some extent, and persisted through the ages controlling some aspects of mankind (Arc of the Covenant).  There's the possibility that all the aliens left, leaving just the AI block, or some aliens stayed, but the AI block went rouge due to dis-repair, data corruption /Sentience co-limiter damage during the crash.

I gotta ask, in all seriousness, do you really believe any of this?


--- Quote from: chyros on Mon, 19 February 2024, 11:23:37 ---I gotta ask, in all seriousness, do you really believe any of this?

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It's one of many plausible possibilities, this is just the one Tp4 prefers.



--- Quote from: chyros on Mon, 19 February 2024, 11:23:37 ---
I gotta ask

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Why would you have to ask about a TP4 thread?


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