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Who was SmallFry

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I haven't been a registered user then, but I have lurked these parts enough to "know" him. He was a very active member of this board, whos life was ended way, way, WAY too soon.

I've been reading up some old(er) threads on Friday and I ran into a few posts of his - it's a really odd feeling, isn't it? Reading something from a person that you know is now no longer with us.

I am actually really happy I read about it from going onto this thread, and for everyone that cared and loved him, I am sorry for the loss and I know it is hard when someone is taken to soon, for I have lost my best friend this past year at the age of 30. I know that is awesome how everyone that was close with him or at least respected him does a lot in his memory by posting things about him as a person and as a member of this community. I too wish I met him he seemed like a gentleman and a scholar. 

I never felt right about commenting on this stuff while I was a lurker, but I wanted to share my condolences and respects with everyone who was friends with SmallFry now that I'm not just hiding.  :/

After spending some time on this forum, I feel it is right to pay my respects to such an integral community member.

Being an empathetic person, I have the chills after reading this thread (and from reading other related discussions).

With that being said, my most genuine, and deepest condolences go out to anyone who has been affected by this unfortunate event.

My hat is off to you, bredrin SmallFry. May your knowledge and positive attitude live on with GH until the end of the Internet. Salute! :)

Blessings and love to all,


man, its like 5 Am for me right now. I really didnt expect these feels. >.<; condolences. Smallfry seems to have been a  great person ._.;


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