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Title: Hi there
Post by: kaworu on Sun, 28 June 2020, 07:05:17
Hello geekhack,

After more than a decade of programming on random keyboards (usually the one provided at work and/or the cheapest logitec one I could find and/or the laptop), I found out r/mk about a month ago. Since then, I feel like I have to catch up and am in a frenzy.

I got a Ducky One 2 SF (Cherry MX Silent Red) and TKL WASD v3 (Cherry MX Brown with oring). Got a tofu 60% and tofu 65% to try out switches, I'm currently writing on the tofu 60% with Roselios (lubed w/ Krytox GPL 205g0). I'm in several group buy for switches and keycaps sets, and looking at joining board GB too

 Since I'm from Switzerland I'm an ISO guy although that might change as I feel like it's added complexity on top of a hobby where availability is definitely one of the key factor.

Thanks to everyone who contribute to this community, I'm super happy to join in!