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About the set

JTK Sora is a set based off the colors of the sky, featuring a blue reminiscent of the sky for the alphas,
paired with an alternate sunset color for those who prefer the sunset instead.

The set is complimented with white modifiers being similar to the clouds we often see along with the sky,
along with a bronze-gold color representing the sun.

More context behind the set

MoreMy inspiration for this set came from staying mostly at home the past year because of COVID and
starting to miss the stuff I was able to do before outside under the sky.

Explanation behind the name:
The the name came from a Japanese friend of mine, Homiezoned who when I asked for help with naming it, named it Sora
because it meant "sky" in Japanese. I found it interesting because in Kanji, the same "sky" (空) character can also
mean "air or empty" in Chinese Hanzi and when combined with the character (天) in Chinese, it also means sky (天空).


5/10/2021: I've created a discord server, in case anyone wants more frequent updates than the Geekhack thread.

5/5/2021: zFrontier run has not started yet, and will run for the same duration at a later date.
Order numbers from current run will be combined with the run from zFrontier in order to meet MOQ.

4/6/2021: Group buy has started


United States: Vala Supply
Canada: AlphaKeys
Mexico: Rheset
Europe: MyKeyboard
United Kingdom: proto[Typist]
Korea: SwagKeys
Philippines: Zion Studios PH
Oceania: SwitchKeys


Kit             Vala Supply     Alpha Keys      MyKeyboard    proto[Typist]      SwagKeys       Zion Studios PH      Switch Keys      Rheset      Base kit: 500 MOQUSD $90.00USD $90.00EUR 90,00GBP 65.00KRW ₩110,000PHP ₱4,700AUD $125.00MXN $2050Sunset Alphas: 300 MOQUSD $25.00USD $25.00EUR 25,00GBP 17.50KRW ₩31,000PHP ₱1,300AUD $35.00MXN $750Novelties: 500 MOQUSD $30.00USD $30.00EUR 30,00GBP 21.67KRW ₩36,000PHP ₱1,600AUD $45.00MXN $800Spacebar KitsUSD $15.00USD $15.00EUR 15.00GBP 10.83KRW ₩19,000PHP ₱800AUD $20.00MXN $550Deskmats: 250 total MOQUSD $20.00USD $20.00EUR 20.00GBP 15.83KRW ₩24,000PHP ₱1,200AUD $30.00MXN $550
Estimated shipping: Q1 2022

Kits rendered by Bachoo






Pantone 278c, Pantone 1625c, Pantone 7407c, GMK WS2

Desk Mats

Blue Sky

Sunset Sky

Blue Pattern

Sunset Pattern


Renders done by me

Fuji65 by CMM/Nightsakura

Paragon by Artemis Studios

Monster by Tr0y

Artemis by halo

Bakeneko 65 by kkatano



Asero Foundry x Sora w/ Gold Cerakoted Aluminum

Bowbie Keycaps
Coconut Keycaps


Bear Cables


Homiezoned for helping me with coming up with the name for this set
sartori24 and everyone else in the KBDFans discord community for the support for the initial concept
Bowbie for agreeing to collaborate and make artisans
Bachoo for patiently working with me and providing all the amazing renders done for the set
Plop for helping with formatting the IC better- also for taking better pictures of the colors
Lala for supporting the set
[Redacted] aka that one discord and everyone else who has helped

Approved :thumb:

Looks good, but worried about JTK lead times, still waiting for classic FC and Zen

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Looks great. I joined!

Congrats on the group buy. Joined.


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