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SxM Designs:

GB : APRIL 9th to MAY 9thEst. shipping time: Q2 2022

We are proud to introduce Agent 01, an elegant, bright and eye catching set from GMK themed around an anonymous rogue op agent. Its a killer isnt it!

These doubleshot GMK keycaps are made of ABS plastic and are 1.5mm thick.
For the fastest replies. notifications, updates and sneak peaks join our discord at the link below.DISCORD LINK

The keycaps can be bought at the links below.

EU      :  |                           
NA      : Mechs&Co       |   
UK      : Proto[Typist]  |                     
Canada  :    |                                                           
Asia    : Ilumkb         |                                         
China   : KBDFans        |                                                           
Oceania : DailyClack     |                                                           


The following kits are available for sale.


Deskmat Specifications:
Smooth cloth top
Rubber bottom
Stitched edges




More pics can be found at this LINK

The renders are for visualization only and are color matched closely to real life samples. The keyboards are only for rendering purposes and are not sold in this sale.










RAW Polished Alu with Blue Glow in the dark infill ( R1 1U and R3 2.25U Enter )

Matt gun metal grey PVD brass keycap.
Advanced process of curved surface laser engraving, featuring minute detailed barcode.


We are excited to announce a ton of artisan collaborations for this set.
Artisan Keeb Accesories.
Artisan Keypcaps.

More         Sourjyasubhra Dey: For the amazing artwork!                                                           Konstantin       : You know why! All hail the kitting god!                                   
         Emir             : For sharing some valuable knowledge.                                     
         S3LQ             : Always answering even the most stupidest question                         
         Buburoo & halo   : For the in-depth kitting lessons.                                         
         David(necromanx) : For supporting this project very early on and helping out so much.       
         GMK Andy         : Gave me so much insights into the manufacturing projects and rules of GMK.
         Swishy,bobas     : For all the support and suggestions.                                     
         Rotwitt          : For the Polygon65 model.Check out his awesome keeb!.                     
         Kibasanji        : For Dango 40 model. Check him out in reddit.                             
         And all the nice people from the Keycap Designers Discord.                                   

Such a nice set! I love the colors!

SxM Designs:

--- Quote from: Lord_Rabel on Sat, 10 April 2021, 01:24:25 ---Such a nice set! I love the colors!

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your support!!!


SxM Designs:
Hi there!!
We have had a great week 1. Thanks for all the support  :thumb:

Here are some numbers.
Week 1 : as of 17 April
Some vendors outdated.

Base kit : 216
Alternate alphas : 61
Novelties :128
Spacebars : 72
Rama Fingerprint : 72
Rama Garotte : 36
THOK : 80

Agent : 20
Shadow : 21
Shadow no blood : 19
Ghost :24


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