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PCB generator and helper plugin for KiCad

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--- Quote from: KiserDesigns on Fri, 07 April 2023, 11:36:59 ---Since AVR's aren't quite as popular for new designs, could you see yourself adding pre-generated RP2040 circuitry instead?

--- End quote ---

there was a plan to add more templates but that's not something I will do soon.

My current priorities for are:
- improve service stability. Based on server logs some jobs fail - need to investigate why
- fix memory leak (?) - server sometimes needs to be rebooted due to oom
- add more footprints (kailh hotswap)
- add optional selection of diode footprint and diode location

For kicad-kbplacer I plan to:
- add option to set non-default 1U switch distance
- add option to ignore diode placement (place switches only)
- support 'raw-data' from keyboard-layout-editor (and not only parsed json)
- support multi-layout (?)

Thank you for making this available. It really makes the process of making my first MK PCB less daunting.

New release just dropped, you can get it from here:
Should be available via KiCad's PCM soon.

You can now change 1U distance between switches (so it is usable for Kailh Choc designs) and define placement rules for additional elements (probably LEDs but perhaps someone will find other use-case - there is no limit to number of extra elements).

Just deployed to the server.
There are no new features, just some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Release v0.6 of kicad-kbplacer is out. It includes KiCad 7.0.7 compatibility fix and some new features.
Plugin now accepts raw kle layout files (as downloaded from keyboard-layout-editor, converting to internal form with another tool) and there is new experimental ergogen support.

Release notes can be found here:


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