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Sorry I`ve not been on for ages - I miss Geekhack


For legitimate reasons not excuses I`ve not visited Geekhack and I miss all your enlightening clever witty posts.

1/ I`ve got another friendly dragon called Anita.
2/ I`ve had bone gangrene which has gone everywhere.
3/ I`ve had too give up selling stereos and doing my herbalism as a hobby.
4/ My 5th passport ran out so I`m stuck in England.
5/ I`ve been cooking like crazy.
6/ I`ve not drunk for four months.
7/ I`ve been collecting kitchen knives.
8/ I`ve been hammering my laptop - it`s not been off once for five years and it has 17 hard-drives plugged into it.
9/ I`ve not being political online otherwise I`ll get arrested immediately.
10/ I got severely beaten up in November - now I`m a cabbage.
11/ I`ve gone back to shortwave radio.
etc etc

Here`s some mad pics LOL


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