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Fermentation 2023.

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If ne1's thinkn bout pickln' 2023

Tp4 highly recommends, the White Radish.

Similar to craut, it only requires salt.

- Cut into 0.5 - 1 cm slices

- Massage with 0.015%  salt,  1.5g per 100g of radish.

- No added water necessary, massaged properly, the radish should release enough water to cover itself. if you don't get enough juices, keep massaging.

- Pack tightly in jar.

- Use smaller jar filled with water as counterweight inside big jar.

Buy pickle jars for reuse, they're $7 with the pickles,  lot better value than buying fermentation jugs, which are much smaller, and honestly don't work any better.

21 days to develop (full sour) in 68* Fahrenheit. 12-15 days @ 70* F+

Carrots, Bok choi, and peppers play well with daikon in vegetable ferments.
And some garlic and ginger can really brighten up the flavor.

i only eat pickled cucumbers from the pickled foods but i like them very much i also recccomend pickling if you ask me

I pickled some daikon in regular "pickle juice" (vinegar, sugar, water) a few weeks ago.
When I opened the jar, it tasted OK but smelled horrible: I think it was the combination of daikon, vinegar and the ginger I had used for spice.

Hmm. Just salt, you say?

If I could, I'd put pickled red onions and giardiniera on everything!


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