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Congrats Matias

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We have at least 1 if not 2 projects already working on a kit to accept Matias' switches.

Made it to tom's too! nice,17790.html


--- Quote from: dante on Sat, 29 September 2012, 00:38:59 ---this would be a great candidate for the new switches:

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--- End quote ---

My donor board came in today (old Zenith with linear yellow alps).  I'm going to be putting the new Matias click switches in it (Part no. PG155B02) once they hit retail.

^ Nice! Just hate the big-ass enter keys, horrible. :D

Did you just order the switches or did you order the whole thing from matias?
I think his keyboard is really pretty, except the font on the keys!

As far as I know...the switches (not the keyboard) is still unavailable to purchase.  I'm waiting for Matias to make just the switches available for purchase.  The enter key on this keyboard isn't bad at all when compared to other big ass enter it has a full size backspace.


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