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Dear GH'ers,

1. 2 new sets arrived today.  I'll update you guys on it more when we finish packaging it. 

Hint: Grey, grey, and more grey...

2. Sanctuary set is almost done being quantity checked.  I am very sorry for the delay.  This is one of the biggest group buys I believe (next to the CCnG), so there are many things needed to be done.  Aside from it being big, I had to package and quantity check everything on my own.  Everything will be ship out accordingly.  There is a slight problem with International orders since there is an increase in prices.  I'll update you guys on that more, and I am sorry about that.

3. All the Pre-Orders extra items have arrived from the factory, so we are ready to ship out all Pre-orders. :)

For more questions, please e-mail me at

We are going through all the information today to have the site back up next week.

New sets (no Pre-orders anymore) and KMAC 2 will be launched next week. 

We will also include bundle deals as well.

New prices will take effect within the next 2 weeks.

Prices will include new deals, add ons, bundle deals, free shipping to Domestic and International, etc. to lower the pricing.

Full sets are being shipped out now :)

Sorry if I have not answered all the messages.  I am hoping to bring back the web-site up today.

I was just setting up a new printer, and it took me quite awhile. 

1.  We plan to also ship out all the Pre Order sets. 

2.  All of Sanctuary Keysets will be shipped out in the next 2 weeks.

3.  We'll run a contest for the new sets once the web-site goes live.


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