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Lot's of Alternative Mice


Here's the link check it out

That joystick one seems interesting, but I am really wondering how the "nAbler" series work (the $420 & $350 one respectively).

Though I am not really a fan of any of these sort of "things" just straight up mouse for me, or herphas trackpoint, but yeah hopefully some of you guys might like some of this :)


The nAbler looks like a great big trackpoint device, no?

they all look very expensive, i think they should develop joy sticks with force feedback with accompanying software to really improve pointing tools, force feedback is the main item not used in multiple products which could effectively improve pointers whether it is a mouse, trackball, joystick. and when i say force feedback i mean accurate ones that were used in gaming joysticks where force can be applied in a certain direction with a force not like joypads which just rumble


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