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--- Quote from: daetsid on Thu, 05 December 2013, 06:25:54 ---Definitely blanks :))

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Well it does say "blank" on the invoice. If you received a full set of new doubleshots for 30 euro, that's one heck of a deal. If you actually received that doubleshot set at that price, I would expect it to be an error on the part of the manufacturer, especially since the invoice says blank.

Still, comparing $100 sets of single colour to a $200 set of hannerbeit, is a pretty fair price, in my estimation. They have to do a lot more work in actually making them, so the price is expected to be higher (they have to load a new colour every time, clean the machines for each change, etc.)  Unless the OQ is super high, prices will be up there.

And even if you can get brand new full sets of doubleshots for $50 shipped, I would still expect hannerbeit to be more. 4 times the price is not unheard of for this sort of thing (I would say). Especially given the low order amounts and the considerable time/trouble GMK has to go through to change colours so often for this run.

Finally, I want to get some $50 full sets of new GMK doubleshots. WOB preferably. Need one for my skeldon, and I don't want to take them off my almost NIB G80-8113 and G80-8200 keyboards.


--- Quote from: sherryton on Thu, 05 December 2013, 14:45:30 ---Hey guys, please do not bash on daetsid.  I actually believe this guy, because I wonder how that ebayer, kbdvintage, got such a low pricing as well as the low MOQ.  I believe this a set that GMK made in excess when they were experimenting/practicing using the machines when they first received it.  I am sure the price has gone up but if the price was recent, then I vote for daetsid to run a group buy as well.

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Given this information, I have contacted GMK about this set, asking for a quote. Let's see if I can get some. I prefer WOB but BOW is still nice.

Heard back from GMK.
--- Quote ---Thanks for your request and the interest in our products.
You are right FPTK0024 does include two-shot molded keys. The color is a light grey, called 2M.
Unfortunately we donīt have any sets in stock at the moment because we are manufacturing order related only.
The MOQ is 400 sets.
Thanks for understanding.
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sherry can you give us exact closing date on the cyrilic set, I know its mid December, but whats the date of closing?


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