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What computer games do you play?

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It's no fun if it doesn't feel like work, so I mostly play Openttd and Sim City 4 if I'm in the mood, which isn't very often.
I occasionally (i.e. a few times per year) play some Starcraft or other LAN games with some of my friends as well. Apart from that, not much.



--- Quote from: o2dazone;111098 ---haha same here...thats why I bought a psp in the first place :P
gt5 has some cool promises though from Gamescom, 1000 cars, real physical damage (bumpers falling off or getting crunched, doors getting ripped off or torn open), real 3d interiors on all cars, 60 courses. it's going to be great
--- End quote ---

stop getting me all excited! =P Did they say when it's going to be released? 4th quarter or 1st quarter of 2010?

Anything that comes my way. Right now I'm replaying Gun Hazard.

Gamestop says middle of Feb, but people are guessing before 2010, especially since the ps3 slim has been released, who knows

Huha, I saw openttd posted on /. a few weeks ago - blew my mind it's still so widely played, say something about gameplay transcending graphics

I play mostly FPS's and driving games, on the PC of course. Currently waiting patiently for Half-Life 2 Episode 3.


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