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What computer games do you play?

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Been playing Cult Of The Lamb.

It's like they had a subpar crafting and town game, and a subpar overhead roguelite, and combined the 2 games into one good one. I don't think either side of the coin could stand on its own as a great experience, but together it works. Very cute game with some fun thematic designs like sacrifice, cannibalism, coprophilia.
I do think the pacing needs some serious work though. I never have enough, or can collect the needed resources fast enough to build any of the unlocked buildings further up the skill trees. Plus the followers are very needy, you go to dungeon for 1 round and come back to chaos or death every time in the mid-late game. Each day goes by too quickly, and that negates so much of the advanced unlockables because you are constantly struggling to keep up with the resources grind.

The game needs some rebalancing in terms of pacing, but has an enjoyable and addictive loop of caring for your followers and dungeoning. I don't know if it's worth the full asking price in it's current state, but if you can get it on sale it is a great way to kill a weekend.

Loaded up SpiderMan - Miles Morales yesterday, so far digging that as well and now I plan to load up the regular one as well once I get home (I game hop alot when it is late in a season for Destiny 2 so I don't get burned out on that).

Did you guys play Valheim? Is it worth getting into it?
I looked at it and it may be something nice for a while, but wanted to check.

Age of Empires 2: DE. All. the. time.

Hunt the Wumpus FTW. Get yr game on like it's 1973.

Seriously. Try the free, no-ads version available for Android, it's really good and highly configurable. Totally stomps on the lame Apple Store / iPhone version.


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