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What computer games do you play?

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Street Fighter 4, UT2K4, StarCraft, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 occasionally.  I like games that I can play for 20 mins at a time with a few friends.

I play a different game depending on the mood I'm in, and what I've played recently.

Steam really keeps the best records of what I've been playing:

Nice, I also play tf2, watduz - although I've cut back quite a bit until they get their class additions cleared up so not everyone is rolling Sniper and randomly shooting with a Huntsman over and over :P

I just got done play Fallout 3 and hitting level cap (for the second time) and doing all the DLC's as well. Great additions to the game, especially Broken Steel. Definitely leaves you wanting more.

Since then, I've been playing Gran Turismo 4 with my racing frame and wheel. It's been cool so far, immersive as hell. But I've been spending more time sharpening my trade (front end web development) so I haven't had as much time for games as I want :(


--- Quote from: kyamei;110960 ---Been playing Final Fantasy XI for a few years now, though I'll probably be switching over to Aion when it goes live next month.  Took vacation from work for launch week :biggrin1:
--- End quote ---

Sounds like some friends of mine. They also took off and played 40 hours straight on the beta weekends. They also teamed up and made their characters look like some anime girl couple. :rolleyes:

For some reason MMORPGs dont seem to hold my attention anymore. It just feels all the same to me.

Personally I only play Pangya, which is some silly Korean fantasy golf game which consists mostly of playing something like golf with badly modelled, low polygon but big breasted girls, often placed in a swimsuit. I play nothing else any more. No games seem to keep my attention for long. This is the only one I kept coming back to since about 5 years now.

I play both the American server, as well as the Korean one.

Mostly TF2.
I agree that this is not a good year PC gamers. Arkham Asylum looks interesting. I liked the demo, but it may forces to install GFWL which would be a dealbreaker for me.


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