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--- Quote from: bball2 on Wed, 10 April 2019, 16:27:54 ---
--- Quote from: tex_live_utility on Mon, 31 December 2018, 09:37:30 ---Can we please get an update on Starry Night R2? I haven't heard anything in months and zFrontier has not responded to my emails.

They have gone from a very reputable vendor to a very poor one in my eyes.

--- End quote ---

Purchased DSA Starry Night last March, original estimated shipping date was May 2018, after several delays their last update said they would be shipping March, 2019. Once again that passed and radio silence from them.

Would not recommend joining any group buys from them in the future.

--- End quote ---
Not as severe, but a similar situation with the Grid600. No word from zFrontier, I think there have been two official up dates from them? We blew past the December estimate without a word.

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I joined GH just to post here. I'm sorry to do this.

The Elemento fr87 is a year late. Communication has been garbage, delays keep happening, and emails go unanswered. I've lost all the money i've spent on that, and I will not make the same mistake again.

I will never trust Alex Lin or zFrontier ever again, whether its a group buy or anything else. It was my first ever group buy.

I've gone through several other group buys since with other places, and all of them have fulfilled.

Please don't make my mistake. Stay away from zFrontier, and if you were already tempted to buy something, file your PayPal dispute now rather than wait and give Alex the benefit of the doubt, or like me, you'll be out $400+.

At what point do we as a community ban zfrontier from participating in group buys? Is this something that's even possible?

I honestly believe that after the first delay, that Alex Lin's business model is now just a Ponze scheme that got out of hand. He and zfrontier have no intention of delivering product and just keep loading up on GBs. With 33 open GBs, no delivery, no response to refund requests, and stringing everyone on delays until after Paypal's 180 day dispute, then radio silence. I went back and looked at responses from their support and sure enough, responses up until about 190 days after I paid, then nothing.
I've now sent an email every week, and even made sure it is short and sweet for the translation in their office. Things like 'Update of Order #XXXXXXXXX' and now just 'Refund on Order #XXXXXXXXX' and still no response.

They should be banned from all MKB GBs and sites going forward.

STILL no resolution on the KIRA 80 group buy, tons of people still waiting on their boards!

Completely unacceptable. ZF will never get another penny out of me thats for sure!

Smearing ZF will be a top priority from now on...


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