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Something broken? Post below and we'll ignore it get to work!

speaking of bugs, we were having an issue yesterday and earlier today where password reset emails were being dropped by outbound forwarders. that should be resolved now. please report if you're still not getting your activation or password reset emails.

The email finally worked for me, apparently =)

When I click someones nick (like your's in this view) I get sent to an

"An Error Has Occurred!
You are not allowed to access this section"


How do I change my "Custom Title"? There doesn't seem to be an option. I want to get rid of the "\" that somehow got injected. I seem to remember using \' to print ' in one of my coding classes, but don't remember which language. So it seems like something that would easily be overlooked in the import.

My signature got borked as well. When I try to recreate it I run into a 500 character limit. The formatting tags take up a lot of characters so WTF.

And why do swear words get replaced with "puppies"? I like asterisks more than that. Or how about no swear filter at all? Please?

I believe geekhack is flagged as dangerous site by mcafee


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