Author Topic: Corsair K70 Rapidfire solder problem  (Read 3071 times)

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Corsair K70 Rapidfire solder problem
« on: Tue, 16 November 2021, 20:07:16 »
To begin with,
I have a Corsair K70 Rgb Rapidfire Mk1 keyboard.
Recently the A key decided not to work anymore, so I decided to replace it with the right Win R key.
But when I unsoldered the A key I made a mistake, and so I melted the little ring that acts as a contact...

But Win R no problem everything went well.

I soldered the key A to the resistor because it was not sticking on the initial place because of my mistake.
But nothing worked...

So I analyzed and I saw that the keyboard works in series by line.

So I soldered the key on another key on the same line, but when I click on the key it does anything (aeftfjf) for example...

I know that the work is not very beautiful unfortunately, but I can not do more beautiful with the equipment I have.

Do you have a solution? I would really appreciate it!
Thank you!

[Win R key](
[A key soledered to the other key](

Here is my second attempt and the pcb