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Sensitive Works:
Key Kobo  Cherries

Hey, It's a pleasure to see you guys again!!!
I'm KLXH from SenSitive Works.

The Cherries Are Ripe.

The color scheme is inspired by cherries, with the primary color being cherry red and the accent color representing fully ripe cherries.
Legend color is the color of cherry pits. In the base kit, additional gradual colors are provided to symbolize the ripening process of cherries.
Novelties are designed based on cherry blossoms and ripe cherries.


·Renders·(just for reference)

Material: ABS
Manufacturing Method: Double Shot Injection Moulding
Keycap Profile: Cherry
Manufacturer: KeyKobo
Compatibility: Cherry MX and MX clone switches
Designer: SenSitive Works



nice. can we have a mono cyrillic alpha kit

Sensitive Works:

--- Quote from: tactilesbad on Wed, 12 June 2024, 03:22:01 ---nice. can we have a mono cyrillic alpha kit

--- End quote ---

Thank you for your valuable suggestions, but I'm very sorry that we don't have a mould with the Cyrillic.

I know, I'm saying have molds made. good opportunity, given the colors, I'd say

Looks great. Of course text miss would be better but people here like icons or even worse text/Icon so I guess most sets will be mid


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