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does anyone make an external trackpoint device?

If not, can anyone tell me the advantages of them over touch pads, and tell me about trackballs as well. I need to pimp my easy chair and a conventional mouse isn't going to work in this application.

A trackpoint would be worthless without a keyboard.  The whole POINT of a trackpoint is to be able to move your pointer without having to remove your hands from the keyboard.

If you are going to have a keyboard with you in that easy chair, then I strongly suggest an Enduro Pro.

If you are speaking of using your MacBook on your lap with your HHKB covering your touchpad (and keyboard)...then I strongly suggest a Logitech Trackman Marble.

I like to have little workspaces for writing scattered about my house, and I have enough 'boards to have one tactile stashed near each spot.  The HHKB doesn't feel right on my lap, but when it sits on top of the MacBook keyboard the entire track pad is exposed. What I am thinking about for the easy chair is an IKEA Dave table for the 'Book and the SMK 85 in my lap, but then I also need a pointing device. I can't afford a trackball like you have, and since I haven't used one in years I'd be hessetent to throw down that kind green right off, so are there any cheaper models that are good that I could try?

The SMK 85 does fit on the MacBook pretty well, with enough of the track pad available, but it is heavy and really bulky comparatively, but those tactile black Alps sliders can't be beat, people.

iMav, why the Endura Pro? that seems like an odd suggestion coming from you.


--- Quote from: xsphat ---iMav, why the Endura Pro? that seems like an odd suggestion coming from you.
--- End quote ---

Because it has a built-in TrackPoint.

The numpad is irrelevant (at least to me) due to the fact that you don't have to reach over it to get to your pointing device...because it is integrated.

The primary reason I hate numpads (aside from the fact that I never use them) is that they require you to position your external pointing device much farther away from the home row than should be necessary.  Having to reach over the numpad is annoying and makes for poor ergonomics.


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