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[GB] UniGo66 -- The Ultimate Wireless Ergo (Shipping in process)

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Hello friends of Geekhack,

We are super excited to present to you the newest offering: UniGo66, a truly ultimate wireless ergo customized keyboard. This keyboard is elegant yet full of desired features rarely seen in prior designs from the community. Designed by Sirius, a famed Ergo enthusiast and designer, UniGo66 has already gone through a few iterations and optimizations, and now, here is the final version balancing the sheer joy of typing and the uninterrupted flow of gaming.


1. Wireless, cross sub-boards combination keys
2. Aluminum 6061 case
3. Logitech K230 chip, 2032 button battery compatible (lasts ~ 6 months, costs < 1 dollar each)
4. Updated U2U adapter, QMK/TMK firmware
5. Compatible with MX Switches, Hot-swappable PCB, sockets pre-soldered
6. Acrylic bottom included
7. Free 5 hotswap sockets as backups
8. Fully programmable
9. Color/layout mix or match
10. Designed by Sirius
11. Manufactured by ALF

Supported Layouts

Note: you have the option to choose different layouts for different hands.

Color Options

Note: you have the option to choose different colors for different hands and the receiver.


Default options: $349
This price includes: 2 hands cases (grey or black), 2 PCBs presoldered with hotswap sockets, 1 receiver (grey or black), 1 acrylic bottom, 5 backup hotswap sockets, rubber feet, box

Each Pearl White hand: +$20
Pearl White Receiver: +$5
Each additional hand case: +$99 (Pearl White: +$119)

Minus one hand: - $149

Note: all payments exclude a 5% PayPal Fee/Exchange Fee.

GB Period: Oct 2 - Oct 16, 2018
Payment due by Oct 17, if you need to pay later, please contact Sirius in discord to make an arrangement.

Expected shipping: Ships in about 3 month (due to multiple holiday seasons) after GB payment collection. Shipping fees (based on SF Economy Express, 5-7 business days) will be invoiced when keyboard is ready to ship. To estimate shipping cost, please visit SF Shipping Calculator, you can choose any originating city from China.

Join the Group Buy

To join the Group Buy, please fill out the UniGo66 Google Form, and an invoice will be sent to you to confirm your spot.

If you would like to change your color (Feb 26- March 1, 2019) or buy an extra, please fill out this form:

Additional UniGo66 Wrist Rest (PC, CNC) Form:

Note: All images of UniGo66 in this post are based on our actual prototypes.
Credits: Sirius would like to acknowledge help from hasu, TMK and author of the USB2USB converter, the idea of the U2UHUB comes from hasu's Geekhack post.

To check the status of your order, please visit UniGo66 Order Status.

Reserved for updates.


Worth noting, you can install plate stabs for the 2u keys  ;D


--- Quote from: dklein on Tue, 02 October 2018, 11:31:18 ---Worth noting, you can install plate stabs for the 2u keys  ;D

--- End quote ---

Thanks for mentioning this, I have added this to the description, Yes for the 2u keys plate mount stabs can be used.


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