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cyber60: 60% Bluetooth PCB running nRF52 and ZMK

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Goal: I wanted to play with ZMK and could not find any DIY friendly 60% project, so I made one. The ambition is to use many parts available through JLC, and keep everything at a level that's possible to solder using only a soldering iron. Currently, only the BLE-module and RGB-led below capslock is not available through JLC and need to be hand soldered.


* Module: Holyiot YJ-18010
* Standard Tray Mount support + bakeneko-style cases (a battery cutout is generally needed)
* Non constant drain battery measurement
* Lipo charger for single cell 3.7V li-po/li-ion batteries (JST PH and JST SH support, you can use either, not both)
* RGB-led under Caps lock for multi function indicator
* Possible to build with just a soldering iron (no underside pads etc)
* ANSI and ISO layout support with the common options.
Layout support:
NOTE: Split space support will be changed. This image shows the split space layout support in revision A.

Latest releases:


Currently test-built in a Tofu and a bakeneko-style case with a custom battery cutout.

Pics of initial proto (Rev A):

Pics of second proto (Rev B):


* Decide on layout support change.
* Order and test revision C1 with updated layout support.
- x: Currently planning for Revision C redesign and order of protos.
- x: Revision B2 long term tested in my personal build and others. Revision done and released.
- 2021-06-07: Testing of revision B1 done, some changes made and released as B2. Will be ordering protos and verify B2 soon. ( (
- 2021-03-21: Testing revision B1, mostly works, but some minor changes need to be made for being fully functional. (

Useful links:
- ZMK website:
- ZMK discord:

I've been playing with layer lights in qmk. Have some good working exampes. Does zmk have the same implimentation or not yet?


--- Quote from: nevin on Mon, 16 November 2020, 13:57:15 ---I've been playing with layer lights in qmk. Have some good working exampes. Does zmk have the same implimentation or not yet?

--- End quote ---
afaik, no. Don't think there is any LED-support yet other than basic underglow, ZMK is still very new. I have big expectations for it in the future tho.

In qmk you can specify layer segments, of an led strip or underglow and get it to function as lock & layer indicators. So it might not ba a far stretch to get it to work. i'll look at it then.

Cool feature set!!! Assuming all goes well, please consider an ortholinear version in the future! :D


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