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I don't lube my switches since I use Blues, and you don't want to lube them (IMO, you might want to do it, your choice), so it never crossed my mins to make an acrylic lube plate, until I read this thread:

So I went ahead and made these designs in various sizes (Behemoth, Standard, Mini, Gnome):

This can be made in two ways:
1. Single layer with the side tool/spring holders, in 4 extra layers
2. 5 layers, top and bottom layers like a keyboard (Top with proper cutouts and solid base), square style cutouts in the middle layers)
You can also mix layers if you want something in between.

- I'm thinking, I'll do one more 18x6 Done
- Some GH branding Done
- Special slots, one on either side to stick one switch tool in each like pitch forks :P Done


I should give reference, thanks to the work of the_beast, jdcarpe, WFD on the old thread, and the Korean geniuses on KBD.

The cutouts are similar to the korean ones, however are slightly different, based on my observations and understandings.

I, for one, welcome our Korean/Indian overlords.

it was only a matter of time


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