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Hey guys,

Rather than telling you about a "great find" that's available, as I usually do, this time I'd like to share a "find" I just found—this IBM Model F-XT, apparently in very nice shape:

Since Chyros posted his positive review of this classic board, people have been bidding well over $100 for them. So I thought I'd better grab one while I could still afford it (e.g. stay married). The buyer accepted my offer of $70 w/free shipping.  :?) 

There were no photos of the back, so I'm hoping there's no obvious wear or damage there. If the original cork "feet" are gone (as is often the case), cork sheeting is readily available at hardware and craft stores, so I can make some convincing-looking ones of my own, as on this one:

I'm quite looking forward to comparing its build, feel and sound with the F-AT and F-122 I'm also lucky to have.

I scored a mint one as well a while back for $70 with shipping. I would highly recommend the cork feet that Mintcraft sells. Search for Mintcraft FE-50702.

Replaced cork feet:


--- Quote from: JP on Tue, 25 July 2017, 19:38:15 ---... I would highly recommend the cork feet that Mintcraft sells. Search for Mintcraft FE-50702.

--- End quote ---

Yup, the right size, used them too.

Thanks for the tip about the feet. While most peeps wouldn't mind buying them, I'm among the masochistic minority that would rather make their own—mostly just so I can look at them now and then and think, "I made those!"

And when you get to be my age, you want to do all the crafts stuff you can, too, before they stop letting you handle sharp objects.

What I especially like about Model F's is the musical note they make when you type on them. Model M's can sound springy (especially the earliest ones), but only F's produce a ringing, music-like tone. What is it about their construction that makes them so different? Does the M's membrane absorb more vibration and prevent the metal plate from "singing"?

In case anyone's interested: I've picked up my XT. It's in very nice shape---lightly used, but whoever owned it took good care of it. And woo hoo, it has the original feet.

Here's a brief audio demo. (Love that ping!)


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