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CST L-Trac nowhere near as durable as I thought. Switch to Ploopy?


I have a CST L-Trac since 2018. I thought it would be the last trackball I'd buy (at around 200 CAD!!) but I'm disappointed to see that less than 6 years in, it needs service.

One of the metal rollers has worn out with a flat spot. Cost to replace with shipping: almost 60 USD.....!

One of the clicks is starting to become intermittent. Cost to fix? I don't really want to know if the rollers cost 60 USD with shipping.

All this is making me wonder if I should quit throwing good money after bad. A new, repairable, open source Ploopy costs about the same with shipping to my location.

All in all, I'm rather disappointed in the L-Trac. I really thought it would be more durable.

Has anyone any experience with using the Ploopy? Is it a worthwhile alternative?


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