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Title: Cherry G80 POS New in box
Post by: wokija on Mon, 17 August 2020, 13:21:33
Found a seller on Facebook Marketplace who's selling an used Cherry G80-8113LRDUS-2 for $50 CAD ($38 USD) as well as 3 still new in box for $100 CAD ($76 USD) each or the bundle for $90 CAD ($68 USD) each). He didn't list those but mentioned them while we were chatting about another listed item, hence no link to the post.

A few pictures he sent me: (

I did some research for the pricing and it seems lower than everywhere I looked, still I'm hesitant as I'm more of a vintage keyboard fan. This model appears to be from 2004 and use basic Cherry brown switches. Posting this here in case some people might be interested. I'm meeting the guy soon to pick another item so I wouldn't mind picking those as well at the same time. I'm not looking to make extra money out of them, just want to benefit the community from this interesting find. Of course shipping cost is to be determined as I don't have them in my possession.
Title: Re: Cherry G80 POS New in box
Post by: Rayndalf on Mon, 17 August 2020, 14:44:49
That's a fair price for new Cherry made boards, typically they're sold for higher prices, but most buyers are companies that originally bought them in bulk and need to keep a POS system running.

It'd be a deal if you're looking for parts for a POS system, but lasered POM will turn brownish grey pretty quickly.