Author Topic: Invokeys Black Sesame Switch Review  (Read 3870 times)

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Invokeys Black Sesame Switch Review
« on: Sun, 02 October 2022, 10:30:01 »
Hey all,

I know you've already heard this name mentioned by me more than a few times over the course of this year, but I promise I wouldn't do it if it wasn't worth it. Back with their third and latest custom, Aflion-made switch release, Invokeys has dropped their new Black Sesame switches. Boasting a dustproof stem and a supposed handful of improvements, its definitely hard to think they might be able to improve upon the Matcha Latte switches. Or do the Sesames even get close to the Matchas at all...?

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As always, thank you all for the continued love and support. With classes picking up here I definitely have been feeling a bit more crammed for content as of late, but the warm wishes have certainly made my days in those time crunch moments.