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[CLOSED][GB] iNKY x Domikey No Redraw CAD theme keycaps

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Design Concept

In Retro: NO Redraw CADver, iNKY focuses on old-school and retro looking, featuring CAD elements, meanwhile adding some memes of designers' daily work to give the settled retro colour a mischievous and playful contemporary feeling.

Colour Scheme

The beige and warm grey are good companions bringing up the retro feeling. The light green and yellow are interspersed among the retro colour making the whole colour scheme more playful.

iNKY chooses the bright yellow-green instead of the traditional CAD icon red. To make the whole styling cooler and more chilled. Like a cup of chrysanthemum and golden-and-silver honeysuckle herbal tea on a Summer day.

Keycap Specification

Retro: NO Redraw CAD-ver is PBT cherry profile with dye sublimation printing.

GB Estimated Closed on 19th Jan 2023 (PST)

Estimated delivery in April 2023






--- Quote from: KPrepublic on Thu, 29 December 2022, 20:59:23 ---Estimated delivery in April 2023[/b]

--- End quote ---
Hello!, was this GB already delivered?, will it have extras available?, thanks!


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