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I received my MQP today and took a bunch of photos. I tried to get all the stuff most of you would be interested in seeing up close. I won't have a chance to get any extended use out of it until next Monday, but from the noodling around I've done so far, I'm quite pleased. The feel is superb, it has that nice "thocky" ALPs sound and the build quality seems pretty good. The USB cord has to be one of the thickest I've seen on a keyboard (I have a comparison photo in the album).

Update: Fixed the link. Oops!

Thanks! You can really see the SMD diode under the capslock.

This is a really good looknig keyboard.

Beautiful photos. Thanks for taking these.

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I'm in the process of repainting the case (Charcoal Metallic), so I had to the keyboard apart. I've updated the album with some pictures of PCB since I know some of you are interested in that. The front of the PCB is white, but is covered by the metal plate, and the back is green.


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