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Differences between Tactile Pro 3 and 4

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What are they?

I'm curious as I just bought a used Tactile Pro 3, and was wondering what I might be missing out on.

You won't have the re-engineered Matias clicky switches, which I understand eliminate the ringing sound that the MTP3 was known for.

None of those are deal breakers, and I got a killer deal on the TP3, so thanks!

Tell us how you like it...

I love the TP 3. It's a clicky alps, which is hard to explain in term of the feel of Cherry. The closes would be Blues, but the white alps feels quite a bit different. The spring in an Alps switch is smaller, and for some reason it gets stiffer faster. The force graph would look steeper than a Cherry switch, for sure.

The tactile mechanism is completely different as well. I'm able to avoid bottoming out on the TP 3 much easier than any other switch I've used save Buckling Spring.

However, I've had two keys start chattering on this board, the C and the H. I've tried cleaning them, but the H is a little iffy, so I'm probably going to order a couple replacement switches from Matias, if I can.


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