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A DELAY!!!!!

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So i got an email today from Matias saying that due to the demand, my preorder that was scheduled to be delivered this month will be postponed until March! I thought i was one of the first to order as soon as it was announced that it was coming out...I guess not.  :mad:  :confused: In all seriousness i hope those that have the first shipment release what they think of the keyboard and post videos of it. What a letdown for me though.   :(

What keyboard is that?

I got the same email. I also preordered before Matias even announced it here on Geekhack. Hopefully I'm in the first group, and they just sent them out to everybody who preordered...

Halverson: The Mini Quiet Pro.

Mine was the tactile mini. Someone on this board said they got theirs a few days ago. I have to admit i am a little annoyed when they assured those that preordered that we would get it this month. I am glad that there is a demand for the keyboard though because that means more keyboards like this will be made. Fortunately, Matias has great customer service so i am going to have to suck it up and wait. I have no other choice. 

I should have grabbed you guys some from the warehouse yesterday hah.
After seeing them in person, they are all awesome boards.


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