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Actual weight and feel of quiet switches


The initial description of the Matias quiet switches was that their activation weight would be 55-65g. That's a pretty big spread. For those of you who have the Quiet Pro, what is the actual weight and variability of the switches?

From a few descriptions, it sounds like the quiet switches would feel a bit like the old Fujitsu Peerless, with a muffled click and a cushioned landing. Or, do they feel more like a Topre 55g?

IIRC Edgar Matias has described the Quiet switches in geekhack posts as a relatively strict 60g +/- 5g. This is actually much more precise/consistent than Cherry MX or Topre.

I think most people would find Matias to feel a bit lighter on the downstroke than Topre 55g, and springier on the return (something the old dampened ALPS in the AEKII was appreciated for).

Several buyers have said they found the action lighter than expected, so I'd like to get some measurements.

There is a good review, but it doesn't give this specific info.


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