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An enthusiast 87 ANSI PCB+Controller option?

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Once your ABS/PBT keycap sets are underway would you consider selling a stripped down 87 ANSI PCB+Controller kit?

The idea is while the Mini is nice - some of us want our traditional navigation cluster like you see on Filco's, Ducky's, Leopolds, etc.   Also the aesthetics ... we just want a plain looking keyboard.

So you could sell a PCB/Controller kit that has everything that is needed except: 1) Switches, 2) Keycaps, 3) Case.  The kit itself doesn't even need to be fancy - just well packaged for transit.  Maybe offer a slight discount for those who purchase everything (switches/keycaps) at once.

The case can be sourced from an existing board like Filco (you'd probably want to use that as the bench mark) or an aluminum aftermarket one.

I tried pushing this idea (in Cherry format) towards WASD as I think not only would the Enthusiasts like it (and it's never been done before AFAIK) but you could market it towards Electronics Schools for use in their programs.



Yes, I think that's do-able.  A few questions...

It sounds like all that's needed is the PCB with all components on it.  Is that correct?

What's a reasonable cost for the stripped down kit?

How about the mounting plate?

If we do it, it would have to start as a group-buy, since there are minimum order quantities for making PCBs.

I'll run an interest check to get numbers/feedback to you :)

Yes we will definitely need a plate.

Matias: Any idea on minimum MOQ?


--- Quote from: dante on Wed, 23 October 2013, 07:35:57 ---I'll run an interest check to get numbers/feedback to you :)
--- End quote ---

Great, thank you...  :-)

--- Quote ---Yes we will definitely need a plate.
--- End quote ---

We've used fiberglass mounting plates for prototypes.  They're really strong and are quieter than metal ones, and (best of all) do not require tooling.  Would they be acceptable in a kit?

--- Quote ---Matias: Any idea on minimum MOQ?
--- End quote ---

For PCBs, it's usually 500pcs, but if we charge enough, we can cover the cost of making more than we need.

You might be able to gauge some interest for a TKL Alps DIY kit from my thread: NEW! Alps-based TKL Keyboard Project.

FYI, I know Alps isn't quite as popular as MX, but we sold 711 PCBs in the GH60 group buy, to 306 individuals.

FWIW, Matias, I would love for a company such as yours to take over this project and make it a reality. :)


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